Image of Tornts "Life Death Truth" CD
  • Image of Tornts "Life Death Truth" CD
  • Image of Tornts "Life Death Truth" CD
  • Image of Tornts "Life Death Truth" CD

Tornts "Life Death Truth" CD



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1.LIFE DEATH TRUTH (prod. by Tornts) 03:56
2.CESSPITS (prod. by Tornts) 03:02
3.GHOST (prod. by Poko) 03:02
4.LAST NIGHT (prod. by Tornts) 02:15
5.NO LIMITS (prod. by Tornts) 03:42
6.FOUL (prod. by Tornts) 03:32
7.STARING INTO THE DARK (prod. by Tornts) 03:12
8.DREAMS & NIGHTMARES (prod. by Truth One) 02:54

LIFE DEATH TRUTH is Tornts 8th studio album and is an 8 track journey made to reflect and accurately reflect the themes of Life, Death and Truth.
It’s a tight verbal masterpiece loaded with visual and descriptive wordplay, matched by cinematic production that transports the listener through the backstreets and gritty perspectives of city life from every corner of Australia and the world.

LIFE DEATH TRUTH is an honest and confronting snapshot from Tornts life, capturing experiences and visions of his world through unparalleled wordplay.
The production is heavily sample based with twisted loops and chops heard dominating the soundscape while upcoming producers Truth One (Bris) and Poko (Melb) offer up a beat each to compliment the mix.

Renowned and highly respected for the poetry contained in his lyrics and original style, this album is the result of an artist constantly evolving and putting everything in to his art.
Any track that didn’t fit the theme was culled or assasinated.