Image of Dialectrix "Audio Projectile" CD
  • Image of Dialectrix "Audio Projectile" CD

Dialectrix "Audio Projectile" CD



Dialectrix, along with Mercury Prize winner Plutonic Lab and prolific Sydney DJ 2buck have taken this historical approach to produce Audio Projectile, the second album from one of Australia’s most talented wordsmiths. The album is the work of collaboration in the truest sense. Aiming to capture the vivid sounds of the classics, Audio Projectile is their enjoyment of the past, distilled with their own unique take on the present and future.

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01. One More Time
02. Pieces of a Puzzle
03. Dead Set
04. Fly On The Wall
05. Audio Projectile
06. Life Goes On (feat. Hau)
07. Inner Heart Beat (feat. Joe New)
08. Whut!
09. What’s Important
10. Comin’ To Getcha (feat. Fluent Form, Maundz & Rigby)
11. Holding The Lantern
12. This Is Like, Mental
13. Zahir (feat. Tommy Illfigga & Joe New)
14. I’ve Been Told

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