Image of Tornts "No Compromise" CD
  • Image of Tornts "No Compromise" CD
  • Image of Tornts "No Compromise" CD
  • Image of Tornts "No Compromise" CD
  • Image of Tornts "No Compromise" CD

Tornts "No Compromise" CD



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01. Intro
02. Stand Clear
03. Ride (Ft Apprentice)
04. Beast
05. Sail Away
06. Misery
07. Too Tough
08. Change
09. 50
10. The City
11. All I Know
12. Bitter End (Ft Hired Goons)
13. Fuck 'Em All

Following the release of the highly successful and influential album “STREET VISIONS” (nominated for the 2014 Age Vic-toria Music Awards ) Melbourne rapper TORNTS is back to build on his legacy as one of the finest urban story tellers and hip-hop artists in Australia with his upcoming release: NO COMPROMISE.
Bursting onto the scene in 2003, TORNTS has continually grown & gained critical acclaim for his raw artistic merit and high-ly original style. TORNTS holds nothing back with his narratives, painting vivid pictures of life in Australia from the perspec-tive of the streets.
From the massive single and video 'Ride' featuring the renowned local Melbourne dancehall artist Apprentice the listener is transported to a world that sees 'young Heisenberg’s slanging out the bag' and describes his mind being similar to the 'artwork of Iron Maiden' while Apprentice adds his unique vocal hooks to the mix creating a track that will undoubtedly be respected not just locally, but in any hip-hop scene around world.
His storytelling skills shine through on Melbourne anthem 'The City', where he writes 'The streets live, bitumen soul with tarred lungs, cameras are the eyes with flesh of dollar funds' with lyrics more akin to poetry than rap. The reggae sampled track 'Too Tough' warns listeners that 'running too tough won't get you too far, there's always a bigger beast living on the farm', drawing from real events and characters he has known, further adding to the authenticity of his words.
NO COMPROMISE also shows a slightly more personal and introspective side to TORNTS, he mentions his baby son, past mistakes and successes and the cycle of life itself: the track 'Change' is a prime example, 'streets might take you down they're infectious, nothing precious no Gollum, just Tetanus and full of vengeance' over a brooding downtempo synth laced backdrop that matches his vivid wordplay perfectly.
The production on NO COMPROMISE is true to the albums name. As well as being one of the best song writers and lyricists in Australia, TORNTS proves that his production skills are world class. The album also features beats from renowned produc-ers KHARNIVOR (Dark Days) and C-Lance (The City).
This album is a result of staying true to artistic ideals; something that can only be made after dedicating over a decade to de-veloping and building a sound. While many artists in the rap scene are interchangeable and unrecognisable, TORNTS has a true and original sound that is instantly recognisable. NO COMPROMISE is not just something for the Australian hip-hop community, this is an album for lovers of original music everywhere.
NO COMPROMISE stands true to its title; stunning wordplay that even the greatest poets and authors would respect, coupled with innovative production that will influence the next generation of Australian hip-hop artists - TORNTS is back to enforce his position as one of the most original and creative rappers to ever hit the mic.

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