Image of LGEEZ "Cloud 9" CD
  • Image of LGEEZ "Cloud 9" CD
  • Image of LGEEZ "Cloud 9" CD
  • Image of LGEEZ "Cloud 9" CD
  • Image of LGEEZ "Cloud 9" CD

LGEEZ "Cloud 9" CD



Alex Jones and Son Of Sam began working on music together in 2012 and recently both have joined BTE and now under the name LGEEZ they present you with their debut album Cloud 9.

Cloud 9 takes the listener through a variety of styles and influences ranging from grimy hip hop like "The Anthem", produced by Realizm, to new school trap music as displayed with "Fu## It", produced by Juve.

Alex & Sam have been deep in the mix of these genres and everyone in between for sometime now, so the whole process of making the album together was a natural progression. Their shared lyrical skill is flawless, vocal delivery has a refreshing approach and is packed full of charisma. Mostly done in a week, Cloud 9 was reshaped for a further 9 months to ensure it was the sound LGEEZ wanted to put out just in time for summer.

"Froot Ninja" see’s Adelaide MC Prime sharing a monster JUVE beat with incredible wordplay. Sam’s cousin Big Hustle laid down the chorus for "Get Your Name" which is a soulful, vocal rich masterpiece about meeting someone special. Stormey Coleman from The Outlawz came through the studio during the making of the album to write and record "Thousand Faces" and they are joined by Big Hustle, Hyjak & SQZ on the summer time sipping anthem "Lean & Aloe Vera". LGEEZ also show their diversity as solo artists, each contributing a couple of joints each to the release too. Alex Jones brings an inspirational ode to all those aiming high with "Wish Away", while Son Of Sam delivers an important public service announcement with "STD".
The storm is coming… Keep your eye open for Cloud 9!

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1 Cloud 9 4:09
2 The Anthem 2:32
3 Fuck It 2:59
4 Bleeding Drums. Featuring – Big Hustle 3:00
5 Speed Of Sound 3:37
6 Wish Away 4:04
7 Lean & Alovera. Featuring – Big Hustle, Hyjak, SQZ 5:24
8 Get Your Name. Featuring – Big Hustle 4:38
9 Thousand Faces. Featuring – Lala, Stormey Coleman 4:21
10 Froot Ninja. Featuring – Prime & DJ Flagrant 4:09
11 STD 2:43
12 MDMA 3:01
13 Scat Day 3:25